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What are the benefits of garage door insulation?

-Reduced "shudder" of the door on the way up and down.

-Temporary but significant reduction in outside noise

-Minimal noticeable change to sound of door for those inside/outside the house, it'll be quieter without a doubt.

-Decreased amount of heat that enters into your garage from neighboring homes during cold days.

-Improved humidity control within your garage. The garage is often a comfort zone for mold growth because it retains excess moisture due to limited airflow and moisture being diffused from interior plumbing pipes before being reused by showering or cooking after automobiles are washed nearby. If you like things nice and dry (like clock radios), insulation will allow ventilation when needed to circulate stagnant air when windows and garage door is closed, and humidity will be held to a controllable level.

-A garage insulated with garage door insulation is typically cooler in the summer because heat from the outside no longer enters your garage home through your garage door. Also, you're garage door can be more easily opened on hot days without worry of damaging the interior of your garage or anything stored inside it.

This helps maintain a safe temperature for items that might be sensitive to extreme conditions within the garage such as tools with wooden handles (have seen two fail recently) where wood was either severely warped or split. I had a fiberglass handle sledgehammer warp enough to render it useless/dangerous for its intended purpose of breaking concrete after prolonged exposure to high temperatures in an un-insulated garage. It was nearly useless in the winter as well due to extreme cold temperatures outside and excessive garage door opener use (nearly every day for about three years with no insulation).

-They are nice looking.

-It's a relatively quick job that you could do yourself with average knowledge of DIY home repairs/improvements, garage door insulation is probably one of the best bangs for your buck when it comes to garage door projects. Can't say that about an expensive garage door tune up or garage roller replacement..

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How does garage door insulation work?

This answer assumes the type of insulation is like the manufacturer's "energy seal".

First, it goes onto carpet and under your garage door to seal any drafts around this area. Second, home professionals install the same kind on top of your garage door. Then there is a new layer added in front of your garage entry which will help with air sealing and insulate any gaps between your house and garage. Finally, they add a reflective film on both sides of your doors to cool down moisture and heat while sealing out cold air leaks.

What separates our product from other brands is that we do not thermally protect or block off all walls around you door leaving little space for an animal or something else to crawl through unnoticed which can cause serious damage. We do our job by sealing tight and effective for garage insulation to work well.

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