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What are the benefits of commercial insulation?

Commercial insulation gives you a much higher R-value per inch, which means that it's more energy efficient and takes less time to heat or cool your home.

Commercial insulation is made with far fewer toxic chemicals than fiberglass insulation. It also lasts for 25 years under roofing of the same quality as what most homes are built with, which compares favorably to fiberglass (5-10) and cellulose (typically 3). It also builds dust mite resistance into it's impregnation process--so there's no need for an additional 'allergy gaurd' on top of your walls. The only trade-off might be cost, but overall commercial evens out at about half the price of mineral wool per R- value and can be installed for about half as much as cellulose.

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Don't believe commercial insulation is right for your commercial building? Have a look at the R-value per inch of commercial insulation options compared to standard fiberglass, which you may have been using in the past. You'll see that commercial provides an efficient solution that has an even higher R-value per inch! In addition, commercial insulation offers greater benefits over other materials such as high levels of toxic chemical residue, which could make it harmful to your employees.

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The price difference between commercial insulation and fiberglass is not great, but the benefit to a commercial building saving on energy costs because it takes less time to heat or cool commercial space makes commercial insulation more than worth the price.

Although commercial insulation for commercial buildings may cost slightly more than fiberglass, your commercial building will operate with less expensive energy costs long-term. Commercial insulation also lasts longer than fiberglass and has greater benefits. If you're worried about the initial investment to switch commercial insulation, look at the long term savings in terms of your commercial building's energy costs when you compare commercial insulation to fiberglass.

Look for commercial insulation companies near you! There are numerous opportunities available if you need help finding a company that serves your area close by. You can use online resources like Google Maps to find local companies offering commercial insulation solutions.

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How does commercial insulation work?

Commercial insulation works to reduce heat loss in buildings by reducing the flow of air through buildings.

The use of reflective materials to bounce more sunlight back into rooms during winter months for cost saving purposes. Commercial insulation reduces heat loss in commercial buildings by reducing the flow of air through buildings. Commercial insulation installers install commercial insulation like foam board, lightweight, fiberglassboard and blowing insulation into ceilings, walls and around pipes etc. commercial Insulation is made from materials such as plastic or glass that resist the flow of heat (thermal conductivity). Use of reflective materials to bounce more sunlight back into rooms during winter months for cost saving purposes.

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