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What are the benefits of ceramic insulation?

Insulation in your home is one of the most important factors in making your energy and dollar bills go farther. Ceramic insulation panels can be installed quickly and easily, plus, when combined with other types of insulation, it keeps all your "spaces" comfortable. For example, if you have a radiant floor heating system in the floors, because the panels are so thin they don't change how much heat goes up through them. And when combined with other insulation such as fiberglass batts for between rafters or at eaves --- it also produces superior R-values (so more warmth for less money) and provides continuous comfort throughout all seasons. It's based on high quality ceramic wool that won't settle or condense and doesn't support microbial growth.

Which means ceramic insulation is good for the environment because it delivers thermal comfort year-round, without energy consumption or carbon emissions.

Another benefit is ceramic insulation has a clean appearance, so it reduces wall space needed to accommodate framing members, and it can be used to build exterior walls that stand up to weather. Since ceramic insulation contains no formaldehyde, 4 you're less likely to have indoor air quality issues due to off-gassing from carpeting or other synthetic materials. It also provides sound dampening qualities making your home more acoustically comfortable. And ceramic insulation boards are soy based and recyclable, so they help reduce landfill waste --- reducing environmental impact even further than its benefits .

So ceramic insulation can reduce your environmental impact while also increasing the comfort and energy efficiency in your home. It's one of the most versatile types of building insulation available on the market today, so you get insulation that lowers heating bills, helps keep homes comfortable all year round, plus ceramic insulation looks great too.

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How does ceramic insulation work?

Good question! If you were to drill a hole into the outside of your house and put a thermometer inside, you would notice that it is much colder on the side with the hole. The air on the other side acts as an insulator. This is even more pronounced when there are little cracks between boards in your home which allow cold air to seep into warmer spaces.

The ceramic insulation material transfers heat by radiation where infrared waves are used to transfer energy from one body of matter onto another one rather than through contact with the matieral itself. Radiation will travel through empty space until it reaches something else so it doesn't need any direct contact which provides an excellent barrier! One way these materials work so well at transferring heat is that ceramic materials are not conductors of heat.

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